Living The Life You Were Meant For

Why feeling bad is good for you


It’s been a long minute since I’ve posted anything! I’ve taken a huge step back and really focused on some personal development, meditation, and internal gratification. I’ve been studying some incredible stuff and I’m ready to start sharing what I’ve found with the world! This is my current passion! I spend hours studying self improvement, especially in the mindfulness/ universial consciousness area.

So you’re here because my title probably offended you enough to make you interested and you thought you’d breeze over what I had to say… which is basically this:


That’s it. I hope you feel bad today because that’s going to bring you one step closer to what feels good. I hope you feel bad today because I know you inevitably will. I hope you feel bad today because only through understanding and processing that data can you overcome the situation. I hope you feel bad because we are in complete control of our thought, feelings, and actions, and paying attention to these things will help us connect to our higher purpose/being/self.

We were not created to be happy 100% of the time, we were given emotions to attune ourselves to our higher purpose. Feeling bad is an indicator that our thoughts need to be examined. A thought holds no power over you until it becomes a belief, but a belief is just a thought we give value… all that in another post.

We are under such tremendous pressure to constantly be and pursue happiness that we often numb ourselves to anything that feels bad… and that’s one of the worst things you can do to yourself! This is not permission to wallow in self pity, or spend the next 3 days in your pajamas watching Netflix (I’ve been there and have pictures of the dreads to prove it). That type of feeling bad is not useful. I want you to feel bad in a way that you recognize the emotion, accept it, name it, thank it for the information it’s giving you, and recalibrate.

Recalibrate. You can do this!


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