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Please, call me Anne

Hey Ya’ll!!! I’m a new Georgioniaaan so I can proudly say that 😉

We’ve made some huge changes.. we’re no longer an army family! I guess, it’s not official yet. Drew is still in the clearing process back at Fort Lewis, he will be on his way here mid september. I’ll tell you what, it is a scary, but incredibly freeing feeling! I may have to write a separate post about the entire process and how it’s been affecting us, because this post is about:

How and why I’ve decided to change my name!

No, I’m not legally changing it from Andrea to Anne, but I am requesting that people call me that from now on. These are a few reasons why:

1. Im a different person!

I’ve been very introspective lately. I’m working on some less than positive attributes.. the need to be in control, the tendency to divulge TMI, and anxiety to name a few. I feel that I’ve made incredible growth and I truly don’t feel like the same person. “Andrea” was quick to control the situation, “Anne” is fine to go with the flow, but can take charge when best suited. “Andrea” was constantly anxious, while “Anne” is mindful, and in the present moment. “Andrea” could easily dominate the conversation, and was frustrated if she couldn’t. “Anne” carefully chooses each word and knows there is more to learn through listening. My dear hubby teases me when I explain it to him in this way, but I don’t know how else to describe it. 😂

2. We’re starting fresh.

Being a military family has its pros and cons. We have made some incredible friends along the way. Honestly they’re much more like family. But we’re also constantly forced to start fresh and make new friends. Maybe this lifestyle, and the symbolic end of it, was the catalyst for my new nickname. We’re here, in Georgia…and we don’t have big plans to leave! That means that the people we be-friend here could potentially be close friends (I mean close in both senses of the word) for the rest of our lives!!! With that in mind, I really want to be my best self, and I’ve been gifted this incredible opportunity to start fresh. Call me crazy if you will, but I’m taking it!

3. I’ve never really liked my name!

Nope, never liked it. It’s not a very common name, but it’s not uncommon either. There’s no real reason I don’t like it, except that it’s three syllables and I feel that it’s kind of a mouthful. I like the short sweet sound of Anne and that it’s the beginning of my birth name. As I write this, I’m loving the symbolism.

I’m getting back to the core of who I am as a person. I’m shedding the excess of who I was, while being proud of that process! So please, call me Anne.



2 thoughts on “Please, call me Anne

  1. Hey, Anne! 🙂 Wow, how freeing for you to change your name! I think it’s really good that you are focusing on your new growth. My husband got out of the Army last year and it was a BIG change for us, too. We packed up and moved from our duty station to Michigan (he accepted a new job) literally two weeks after he got out. I wish you guys the best as you continue your transition!!


    1. Thank you Jennifer! We are so so blessed to have an incredible support system, and to have my father in law here in Georgia. We keep hearing how etsing is one of the biggest struggles for vets and their marriages! I’m so glad y’all are doing well!

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