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Keeping Your Sanity When You’re Insanely Busy


I was speaking with a far away friend yesterday (the beautiful Yoga goddess pictured above, follow her on Instagram @Shadesofshelby) and jokingly told her “if you don’t know what’s been going on lately it would take too long to catch you up”! She’s a fellow army wife so she completely understood “the feels”.

Seriously though, you guys! We will have our ETS orders in about a week, and will be making (what might be) our last major move in less than two months!!! Drew is medically retiring from the Army, we are moving to Georgia, and he will be going to school and staying home with J while I go back to work or…. Wait for it…. Launch the business I’m in the process of planning!!

Yes, I am planning a business and it’s in the cosmetics industry. I’m focusing on holistic healing, and natural/organic skin care, that highly values environmental and personal health preservation! I guess that’s the current elevator pitch 😉 without giving too much away!

That’s what is almost completely absorbing my thoughts lately; I’m dreaming about how to turn it into a reality, working on the business plan, pricing raw materials, interacting with other small business owners, and reading and learning about the industry. I’m still taking college courses for my bachelors, literally have four classes left! Drew and I are working on our communication with each other in light of the many obstacles we have and will face. Mix all that with being a (hopefully) Godly mother and wife, and I think you get the sense of how busy we’ve been!
So, how do you keep your sanity when you’re insanely busy? It’s incredibly hard for mothers to take time out for themselves when there are others in need, but it is crucial!! You can’t be efficient when you’re running on fumes. Fill up that gas tank so you can tenderly and passionately love your family, pursue your dreams, get better grades, get that promotion, or whatever has been out of reach for you. A word of caution: you must be careful not to over-indulge!!
I believe in the power or prayer, or meditation if you’re not a Christian. It really doesn’t matter what you do, but take time everyday to be mindful. Think about your reality right now and while you’re doing this, PRACTICE GRATITUDE! I know how hard it is to be grateful when you feel like there’s not much to be grateful for, but I cannot stress how important this is!!! Thank your feet for carrying you through the day, thank your fork for bring food to your mouth, thank any aggravation or obstacle for presenting you with an opportunity to grow…..

That brings me to Yoga. I love doing yoga; I am not a guru or teacher by any means. It’s something I just enjoy. I encourage you to seek out a class near you (if you’re on Oahu, I know a few amazing instructors out there). But you can also do it in your own home. It doesn’t have to be fancy; go through a quick sequence of your own, but listen to your body and be safe. If you’re really not into the yoga thing, any type of exercise or stretching will do. The goal here is to focus on your physical health, and get the blood moving in your body.

I know what you’re thinking, “seriously, I’m reading this blog because I’m busy and you’re adding something else to my to do list”! Yes, I am, but it’s for your good! And the next tip is to write things down and use a planner. I love the bullet journal**** movement because I’m a nerd and love graph paper. It doesn’t matter what you use, but using a pen and paper will really help you visualize what needs to get done, and you may be surprised that the list is shorter than you thought!
If you find that your list is incredibly long and daunting, accept help! This has been a theme lately in our lives: let others be blessed by blessing you. We’ve received this piece of advice from multiple sources, religious and not. If you have the heart of a nurturer, you intimately know how wonderful it feels to help others in need. Think of the joy it brings you when you inspire someone, lift them, or help them in any way. Now, know that you are blessing other people by letting them help you!

Lastly, be realistic. Not everything is urgent; time is the only resource that you cannot get back, so make sure you prioritize. You must remember how quickly time passes in the grand scheme of things. Seriously, I still have phantom kicks from my pregnancy with J, and the last 14 months have gone in the blink of an eye. Be realistic about what is most beneficial to you and your family today. Delight in your children and husband.

And remember that things may change tomorrow, so lets live today.img_0027


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