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DIY Bring Your Own Fun Box

I miss the days of my childhood, when we played with the neighbors till the street lights came on. I have memories of baking mud pies, camping in the back yard, cardboard box race cars, and landscaping oasis’ for familes of ants. (lol, does that last one make me weird?)

I guess my point is that we risk robbing our children of these memories by plugging them into technology. I say this lightly, and want to emphasize the word risk; not all children who use technology miss out on opportunities to utilize their imagination and create these types of memories. In fact, I do believe there are a number of highly educational and beneficial apps available to children and parents. However, Drew and I have always known we don’t want to be the family whose children are plugged into iPads at the restaurant table, while mom and dad are tagging each other on Facebook.

This idea was sparked by Pinterest of course!! It’s been pinned on my personal page for a few weeks now, and the beginning of this blog was the perfect excuse to throw one together! There are other adorable ideas for these bins like this adorable kitchen stove, featured on this awesome blog, where you can download the little burners and knobs and print them on sticker paper! I went with a matchbox car bin because I intend on building a kitchen set for J, keep your eye out for that post! I also used some nontoxic paint I had laying around and painted the neighborhood theme because honestly I was too excited to finish this and didn’t have sticker paper on hand.TKLbringyourownfun2

The whole thing cost me $6 and hopefully will last J a while! I anticipate that we’ll lose a car or two, and intend on attaching a little index card inventory on the bottom when his car collection grows. I purchased all supplies at the dollar store, not including the paint and brush that I had on hand. I will say I had a ton of fun doing this! Use a little creativity and throw one or two together for your littles!

Happy imagining! img_0027


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